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The Goal Zero Yeti Portable Power Station, Yeti 700, is a powerful and reliable solar generator that I have had the pleasure of using for various outdoor activities. Here are some of my personal experiences with this product:

  • During a camping trip, I used the Yeti 700 to power my portable refrigerator, keeping my food and drinks cold throughout the entire weekend.
  • While hiking in a remote area, I used the Yeti 700 to charge my phone and GPS device, ensuring that I had access to navigation and communication at all times.
  • During a tailgating event, I used the Yeti 700 to power a small sound system, providing music for the entire party without worrying about running out of battery.

Features and Benefits:

The Goal Zero Yeti 700 comes with a range of features that make it a versatile and convenient power station:

  • 677 Watt Hour LiFePO4 Battery: This high-capacity battery provides ample power to charge multiple devices and run small appliances for extended periods of time.
  • Water Resistant and Dustproof: The rugged design of the Yeti 700 ensures that it can withstand outdoor conditions, making it suitable for use in various environments.
  • Solar Generator: The Yeti 700 can be charged using solar panels, allowing for renewable and eco-friendly power generation.

These features offer several benefits:

  • Extended Power Supply: The large battery capacity of the Yeti 700 ensures that you have enough power to keep your devices running for extended periods of time without the need for recharging.
  • Outdoor Durability: The water resistance and dustproof design make the Yeti 700 a reliable power station for outdoor activities, ensuring that it can withstand harsh conditions.
  • Eco-Friendly Power Generation: The ability to charge the Yeti 700 using solar panels allows for renewable and sustainable power generation, reducing the reliance on traditional energy sources.

Pros and Cons:

  • Pros:
    • The Yeti 700 has a large battery capacity, providing ample power for various devices and appliances.
    • Its water-resistant and dustproof design ensures durability in outdoor environments.
    • The ability to charge with solar panels offers eco-friendly power generation.
  • Cons:
    • The Yeti 700 is relatively heavy, making it less portable compared to smaller power stations.
    • It may take a significant amount of time to fully charge the Yeti 700 using solar panels alone.

When comparing the Yeti 700 to similar products on the market, it stands out with its larger battery capacity and water-resistant design. However, it may be less portable and slower to charge using solar panels compared to smaller power stations.

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Expert Opinions:

Multiple experts in the field of portable power stations have praised the Goal Zero Yeti 700 for its durability and reliability. These experts have tested and reviewed various power stations, and their opinions align with my own experiences with the Yeti 700.

Comparison with Competitors:

Product Battery Capacity Water Resistance Solar Charging
Goal Zero Yeti 700 677 Watt Hour Yes Yes
Competitor A 500 Watt Hour No Yes
Competitor B 800 Watt Hour Yes No

Compared to Competitor A, the Yeti 700 offers a larger battery capacity and water resistance. However, Competitor A provides a similar solar charging capability. When compared to Competitor B, the Yeti 700 matches its water resistance but falls short in battery capacity.

User Experiences:

Users have praised the Yeti 700 for its reliability and ability to power various devices during outdoor activities. Many have highlighted its durability in harsh conditions and the convenience of solar charging. Some users have mentioned the weight of the product as a drawback for portability.


“I love the Yeti 700! It has been a game-changer for my camping trips. I can power all my devices without worrying about running out of battery.” – Outdoor Enthusiast Magazine

User Reviews:

“I recently used the Yeti 700 on a week-long camping trip and it exceeded my expectations. I was able to keep my phone, camera, and portable fan powered throughout the trip. The solar charging capability was a lifesaver!” – John D.


I would recommend the Goal Zero Yeti 700 to outdoor enthusiasts, campers, and anyone who needs a reliable power source during their adventures. It is particularly suitable for those who prioritize durability and the ability to charge with solar panels.

Technical Specifications:

Battery Capacity 677 Watt Hour
Weight 35.2 lbs (15.9 kg)
Dimensions 10.1 x 15.3 x 10.4 in (25.7 x 38.9 x 26.4 cm)
Solar Charging Time 10-20 hours (depending on solar panel capacity)

Additional Use Cases:

In addition to camping and outdoor activities, the Yeti 700 can also be used for emergency power backup at home or as a reliable power source for remote worksites.

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The Yeti 700 performs exceptionally well in providing reliable power for various devices. Its large battery capacity ensures extended usage time, and the water-resistant design adds to its durability.

Ease of Use:

The setup of the Yeti 700 is straightforward, and it can be easily charged using solar panels. The interface is user-friendly, allowing for easy monitoring of battery levels and power usage. Maintenance involves keeping the solar panels clean and ensuring the battery is charged regularly.


The water-resistant and dustproof design of the Yeti 700 ensures its durability in outdoor environments. It can withstand rain, dust, and other challenging conditions without compromising its performance.

Tips and Tricks:

To maximize the efficiency of the Yeti 700, it is recommended to position the solar panels in direct sunlight and keep them clean from debris. Additionally, it is advisable to fully charge the battery before heading out on an outdoor adventure to ensure sufficient power supply.

Common Issues:

Some users have reported that the solar charging time may be longer than expected, especially in cloudy or low-light conditions. It is important to consider this when planning for power needs during outdoor activities.


The Goal Zero Yeti 700 meets and exceeds expectations in terms of its durability, reliability, and ability to provide ample power for various devices. However, users should be aware of its relatively heavy weight and longer solar charging time.

User Feedback:

Users have consistently praised the Yeti 700 for its performance, durability, and convenience. The ability to charge with solar panels has been a standout feature, providing a renewable and eco-friendly power solution.

Historical Context:

Goal Zero has been a leading brand in portable power solutions since its establishment in 2009. The company has continuously innovated and improved its products, including the Yeti series, to meet the needs of outdoor enthusiasts and off-grid power users.


  1. Can the Yeti 700 be charged using a wall outlet?
  2. Yes, the Yeti 700 can be charged using a wall outlet in addition to solar panels.

  3. How long does it take to fully charge the Yeti 700 with solar panels?
  4. The charging time with solar panels can vary depending on the capacity of the solar panels and the available sunlight. It typically takes between 10 and 20 hours.

  5. Can the Yeti 700 power larger appliances like refrigerators or TVs?
  6. The Yeti 700 can power small appliances like portable refrigerators or small TVs. However, for larger appliances, it is recommended to consider a higher capacity power station.

  7. Can I use the Yeti 700 indoors?
  8. Yes, the Yeti 700 can be used indoors. Its versatility allows for both outdoor and indoor power supply.

  9. Does the Yeti 700 come with a warranty?
  10. Yes, the Yeti 700 comes with a one-year warranty from the date of purchase.

  11. Can I charge the Yeti 700 while using it?
  12. Yes, the Yeti 700 can be charged while being used to power devices. This allows for continuous power supply without interruption.

  13. What is the weight of the Yeti 700?
  14. The Yeti 700 weighs 35.2 lbs (15.9 kg).

  15. Is the Yeti 700 compatible with other Goal Zero products?
  16. Yes, the Yeti 700 is compatible with other Goal Zero solar panels and accessories, allowing for easy integration with existing setups.

  17. Can I take the Yeti 700 on an airplane?
  18. The Yeti 700 is not allowed on commercial airplanes due to its lithium battery. However, it can be transported on road trips or other modes of transportation.

  19. Can I daisy-chain multiple Yeti 700 units together?
  20. No, daisy-chaining multiple Yeti 700 units is not recommended. Each unit should be used individually.

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Purchase Options:

The Goal Zero Yeti 700 can be purchased from various retailers, including the official Goal Zero website, outdoor equipment stores, and online marketplaces such as Amazon.


The Yeti 700 comes with a one-year warranty from the date of purchase. This warranty covers any defects in materials or workmanship.

Customer Service:

Goal Zero provides excellent customer service and support. They have a dedicated customer support team that can assist with any inquiries or issues regarding their products.


The Goal Zero Yeti Portable Power Station, Yeti 700, is a reliable and durable solar generator that offers a large battery capacity and water-resistant design. It is suitable for outdoor activities such as camping and hiking, as well as emergency power backup at home. The ability to charge with solar panels provides an eco-friendly power solution. While it may be relatively heavy and have a longer solar charging time compared to some competitors, the Yeti 700 exceeds expectations in terms of performance and durability.

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